Training courses

As well as teaching learner drivers we also do other courses:- 

Motorway tuition - This is useful for a new driver that has to encounter motorways, we always suggest having a lesson on the motorway after passing our driving test where we can work on planning in a far distance, work with fatigue and how to avoid it, overtaking and planning skills. This lesson normally 2 - 3 hours is also used for drivers that find motorways challenging or have had a collision on this type of road and we can work out how it happened and give help and advice to ensure it does not happen again.

Pass Plus - This is 6 hours set out by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) which covers Motorways, Out of Town, Town, Night Time Driving, All Weather and Dual Carriageways. Ideal for people that have just passed their test and can lead to cheaper insurance on successful completion.

Parking - This is ideal for people finding park difficult or challenging, this can be bay parking in car parks or driving around and parking in multi storey car parks, driving and parking in to a residential drive way or at the side of the road. Give us a call if we can help with this.

Sat’ Nav’ - Many people find driving with these difficult as they can distract you, we teach you how to set these up and where to place them (safe place not interfering with your view or in front of an airbag for example) and then how to use them so they do not become a distraction to you whilst driving and ensure you still follow the rules of the road.

Advance Driving - We carry out a number of course to suit you in advance driving skills, hourly sessions, to all day or week courses. we cover a number of items following useful hints and tips from the Roadcraft Book we also carry out eco’ driving where we can make a few small changes to ensure you save over 25% of fuel and wear and tear. We also prepare drivers for the advance driving tests that IAM, RoSPA, Cardington and such likes.

UK Familiarisation - This is a course for drivers that have arrived in the UK and need to familiarise themselves to the UK rules, driving on the left, signs, speed limits, roundabouts and so on.

Use of Speed - This is ideal for people that are unable to work out the speed limit on the UK roads, we give the driver easy and simple ways to work out the speed limits, evaluate the hazards and then ensure that they drive at an appropriate speed within the speed limit.

All the above courses are scheduled for in car training, however we do carry out theory training for learner drivers and driving instructors to be (PDI) in classroom and car, please contact us for further advice and information.

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